About Us


Since we opened our doors in April 2016, we have helped many children become more engaged in their studies and improve their grades in maths and English using a range of services we provide in conjunction with our tutoring.

Academic mentoring

With over 30 years of combined teaching experience, we understand that the academic journey is different for every child. Each child has their own barriers to overcome before they completely become engaged in their learning, and our mentoring service aims to work with your child to achieve exactly this.

CV Support

We want all our students to believe that regardless of the position they are currently in, they can reach great heights in life with a little commitment to their education. We will help our students look into the future and guide them towards their goals through small, manageable milestones. One way of doing this is by exploring their career options in-line with their strengths and assisting them with profile building and CV writing.


There are many parents who wish to help their children a little more, but are unable to do so, because of their limited understanding of the education system. At Bloom, we are committed to addressing such issues through our parent-children engagement workshop sessions, where you will be give them the opportunity to learn alongside your child through a range of engaging activities. Not only will this give you the confidence to support your child in their studies, but it is an excellent way for you to gain further knowledge on the different stages your child will be taken through during their time at school. We will always keep you posted through our ‘Events’ section on our website, or simply contact us to find out more.